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Travel tips that make traveling smooth and comfortable

When you’re constantly on the go you find ways to try to make your travels as smooth, comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Throughout the years I have found a few things that have truly enhanced my traveling experiences and made me look forward for not only the destination but also the journey. 

Priority Pass: 

This is one of the largest airport lounge access programs in the world. It gives you access to over 1,200+ airports in over 500 cities and 143 countries! It gives you a place to escape and unwind in the middle of a busy airport. The lounges are mostly quiet, have free WiFi, complimentary pre-flight bites and drinks (most include alcoholic beverages as well) that will help you feel ready for your travels ahead. 

Click here for more info on the membership and get 10% off your first year! 

Mobile Passport App

I tell all my friends and family members that don’t have Global entry to get this app. It’s easy to use and lets you skip through the crazy customs lines in over 26 different airports in the USA. You just have to download it, enter your passport info and you’re ready to speed through the lines! 

Bose Noise Canceling Headphones

I’ve tried several noise canceling headphones and these are the best. They block out all the noise from the airport, have Bluetooth and Wireless connection and they’re very comfortable. I know they’re a bit spendy, but trust me, when you’re next to a crying baby on a flight you will be so happy you bought them! 

Shop them here!

Longchamp Bag

I have such a love for these bags! They are lightweight, hold a lot including my MacBook Air as long as I don’t put a case on it, they’re foldable and machine washable. The over the shoulder bag is my favorite but they come in several different sizes and colors. They are very durable and last a long time – I think I still have the first one I bought over 5 years ago!


Comfy Shoes

I’ve had way too many occasions where I wear heels to the airpot and all of a sudden the gate changes and I have to walk what feels like a mile to get to my gate. Lesson I wear cute and comfy shoes on-the-go and pack my heels in my carry on! 


External Charger

I never fly anywhere without my external charger. I’m one of those people that gets anxiety if my phone batter is below 50%. They’re easy to put in your bag, charge on the go and if you’re traveling internationally, you don’t have to worry about finding your adaptor to plug in at the airport! 


Hope these help – more to come soon! 

xx, Sinem 

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