One of the best things to come out of 2020 was the acceptance of ultra casual wear in every day life. While it is fun to get dressed up every now and then, there’s nothing like feeling comfortable and still looking good. Let’s be honest, whether we’re traveling around the world or enjoying the most relaxing staycation, it’s always our goal to pull off cozy chic. Who doesn’t like looking and feeling their best while also feeling comfortable? While it may seem difficult to pull off the trendy casual look, it’s surprisingly easy as long as you have a few key basics. Keep on reading for the perfect pieces to keep you feeling both cozy and luxurious.


            The most important and versatile pice in any cozy outfit is the perfect pair of leggings. From compression leggings to those that feel like a second skin, and cotton leggings to faux leather leggings, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to your most important basic.
Leggings not only come in many different styles, but they come at many different price points as well. Below are a few of the best leggings that will keep your wardrobe versatile and comfortable.

Lululemon Align Pant: The Lululemon Align Pant feels like butter on your legs. They have a smoothing effect that make you look and feel phenomenal without too much compression that it feels uncomfortable around the waist. In addition to being breathable and sweat-wicking, these leggings also come in a 25” and 28” inch length depending on how you want them to fit. These are the perfect leggings for a long flight or long drive regardless of where you are going. Pair them with an oversized jean jacket, white lace cropped tank, and tennis shoes and you’ll be pulling off the cozy yet stylish look in no time.

Fabletics Trinity High Waisted Utility Legging: These leggings are ideal when you want comfortable material that also has more compression than the Lululemon Align Pant. These pants hold you in while still allowing easy range of motion and breathability. In addition, they have zippers at the ankles for added style, and pockets so you have somewhere to throw your phone when you are grabbing your things after going through security at the airport. These pair perfectly with a cute hoodie for some added style.

Alo Yoga High Waisted Moto Legging: These leggings perfectly lift and sculpt your body while maintaining full range of motion. Whether you feel like wearing them with a v-neck t shirt, or dressing them up with a white satin collared shirt, you cannot go wrong with these leggings with a flare. Cute and comfortable, they’re the perfect piece to add some spice to your style.

Spanx Faux Leather Leggings: An absolute MUST in every girl’s closet, these leggings somehow feel comfortable enough to sleep in, yet, fashionable enough to visit your favorite discotheque in Paris. Built with lots of compression, make sure you order your normal size, even if they feel a bit small initially. These leggings eventually form to perfectly fit your body, and look great with everything from a tshirt to a sequin blouse. If you need to hop off a plane and go directly to an event, these leggings are meant for you.


Tennis Shoes

            Whether you are running to your connecting flight, walking around a big city, or simply feel like being comfortable, tennis shoes are you best friend when you travel. In recent years, tennis shoes have become a statement piece all on their own. The best part is, regardless of your budget, there are a pair of trendy tennis shoes that will elevate any comfy chic outfit.

Adidas Superstar with Studs: Any Adidas tennis shoe is a classic, especially the Superstars. Opt for the all white Superstars with white studs for a flare on the original. These look great with an all black or all white lounge set and you can walk for hours in them. A good tennis shoe is absolutely necessary for any traveler and these are the perfect pair to keep you comfortable and trendy without breaking the bank.

Common Projects Achilles Canvas Sneaker: Common Projects have recently risen in popularity in part due to their clean and sleek look and due to their comfort. These understated tennis shoes are perfect for the girl who loves fashion without being too over the top. The only identifiable mark on these shoes is the gold serial number on the outside heel.

Nike Air Zoom Superrep: These iconic sneakers made their debut in 2020 and are here to stay! If your style tends to be more alternative, pair these sneakers with high waisted leggings, a longline sports bra, and cropped sweatshirt for a laid back yet trendy look. In addition, these offer great support for your feet, and are perfect to take on trips where you might be hitting the gym.

Comme des Garçons Play Low-Top Canvas Sneakers: These shoes are both unique and fun which can add some flavor to any comfortable outfit. They tend to be the focal point of any cozy outfit so be sure to stick to neutral colors when wearing these sneakers. Since they are so lightweight, these tennis shoes can be worn during any kind of travel.



Lululemon Cashlu Knit Wrap: This is one of the most versatile wraps on the market, and it is beyond soft. There’s just something about Lululemon fabric. Opt to wear this wrap long or flip it over for a cropped look. This loose fit wrap with lots of room for movement is the epitome of comfort while still keeping you stylish.

Vince Satin Band Collared Blouse: Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have to go directly to an event from a flight? It can be stressful trying to find the perfect outfit that will keep you comfy while you’re flying, but still have you looking trendy. This blouse paired with faux leather leggings is the perfect “plane to party” look. Pair with some fun sneakers, and you’ll be the epitome of “casual chic.”


Matching Sets

Abercrombie and Fitch Matching Set: Whether you like them or not, matching sets are here to stay. They are comfortable enough to sleep in, yet somehow make you look put together, sophisticated, and chic. Tan matching sets are my absolute favorite and somehow work for any event. This A&F matching set is perfect for any plane ride or long drive where you may be making a few stops.

Club Monaco Satin Stripe Matching Set: Club Monaco has phenomenal quality clothing. You can be cozy, dress causal, and still look phenomenal when you have a high quality matching set at your disposal. The satin stripe makes this set unique and the all black looks perfect with white tennis shoes. Every girl should have a matching set that they feel phenomenal in.

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