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Travel seamlessly. Here are the best luggage choices on the market.

When it comes to travel, investing in quality bags, suitcases and other essentials is a must. We’re all about the old-world glamour of traveling mixed with keeping the needs of a modern traveler in mind. Well-made, functional, aesthetically pleasing, durable designs that if you choose correctly, will travel the world with you for decades to come. 

Our highly contested list of ‘must have’ features that you probably didn’t think to look out for is as follows; lightweight, scratch-proof, and interior pockets designed like using a walk-in wardrobe. So global citizens here is our luggage roundup and the only definitive list you need to get you (and your belongs) seamlessly to your next destination. We also suggest saving this chic list to your bookmarks for later. 

The Weekender 

The perfect companion for short getaways and long weekends, these rectangle bags will travel either under the seat in front of you or in the overhead locker. Generally speaking, they’re roomier than a backpack but much smaller than a suitcase and should fit the specific conditions set out by trains and airlines for “carry on”. Given this, it’s of utmost importance to choose a design that works with your personal fashion taste – a weekender is part of your look. Like celebs getting papped at the airport, you want to look stylish with your weekender in tow.  

The Carry On Suitcase

A testament to a good carry-on is found in the features it offers. Look out for high-quality durable materials, lightweight, and laptop compartment protection to do the trick. Turn to traditional luxury brands or lesser-known yet high-end brands like Aviteur to fill all of these requirements. Aviteur’s highly anticipated line of premium carry-on suitcases is not to be missed, why? Well, she’s the daughter of Aldo Gucci, the king of luxury himself after all. We have a piece from her line below so you can make up your own mind. 

The Large Suitcase

Along with function-forward offerings you want to choose a suitcase that won’t get mixed up with all the others on the conveyor belt. When browsing, always inspect the interior for suitable sections that will comfortably cater to all of your travel needs. Heritage brands like Rimowa usually have all this perfected beyond your initial expectations. Part of the LVMH empire, Rimowa leads the way when it comes to heritage, quality & craftsmanship. It’s patent multi-wheel system is a dream to use. 

Other Fashionable & Functional Picks

Popping a beauty bag containing treatments into your carry-on is essential for combating dryness & tired skin during long-haul flights. They are an incredibly practical addition to your travel essentials holding all of your beauty and makeup products in a neat sophisticated way. As seasoned travelers, we’re in adoration of chic styles with clear packaging for ease of movement through security checks. So in the spirit of that impending trip the only question remains, which of these luxurious styles will you pick for your trip?

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