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Top Go-To Home Workouts


            If there’s one good thing the era of COVID brought about its the boom of at home workouts! One of the biggest reasons people fall of their workout routine is because getting to the gym or a workout class can be difficult. Whether you are going through busy season at work, or are running around taking care of the home and the kids, it can feel difficult to prioritize making it to the gym every day. However, when the gym is in your own home, it becomes a little more difficult to make up a good excuse for skipping a workout.

            In addition to convenience, at home gyms provide privacy for those who feel uncomfortable working out in front of others and at home workouts are delightfully customizable. Whether you love cardio alternatives to running like cycling, or, if building up that booty with weights and resistance bands is your thing, there is something for everyone. Keep on reading for some of the best at-home workouts in 2021.



            One of the most popular at-home workouts in 2021 is Peloton. It’s hard to imagine after the rise to fame of companies like SoulCycle, GritCycle, and Full Psycle, but Peloton completely reimagined what a “cycling workout means.” Between a 30 day home trial, home delivery, and a 12-month limited warranty, Peloton makes it beyond easy to get set up with your new go-to at home workout. The company has made a perfect bike package for every person. The Basic Package comes with just the bike, while the Bike Family Package comes with the bike, shoes, weights, headphones, a heart rate monitor, bike mat and water bottle. While bike packages require the purchase of a $39/mo All-Access Peloton Membership, you can pause or cancel the membership at any time.



Peloton App


            While the Peloton bike is an amazing workout, don’t sleep on the Peloton App. If you are not quite sold on the investment the bike requires, the Peloton App is a great way to ease into the Peloton lifestyle. The Peloton App offers thousands of different classes in ten different categories of workouts. The digital membership includes access to the entire Peloton library of classes so you can workout from your phone, tablet, TV, or Web Browser. With workout classes running from strength training and bootcamp to meditation and yoga, there really isn’t anything you can’t find on this app. In addition, whether you love to run outside or inside, there is a class tailored just for you. The Peloton App is a great way to begin your fitness journey and decide what type of workout is best for you.



Resistance Bands and Discs


            While name brand workouts are gaining popularity, don’t underestimate the power of resistance bands and discs for at-home workouts. While it may be hard to believe, doing exercises with your own bodyweight will have you breaking a sweat and seeing a full body transformation. Resistance bands and discs are particularly good if you are trying to work on your Summer body and build up that booty! From front squats to lateral walks and side-lying hip abductions to standing flute kickbacks, you cannot go wrong with resistance band training.

            If you’re ready to level up your booty workout, add in discs. Gliding disc workouts challenge your entire body. From burning down your entire leg to sore abs the next day, you will not regret adding in discs to your at-home workouts.




            Weights are an excellent way to get a good full body workout at home. They can be used for strengthening arms as well as building up your booty with lunges and squats. Many girls tend to shy away from weighted exercises for fear they may bulk up or look too manly. However, the opposite is true. Weights can help to create strong, long, and lean muscles. This is true regardless of how heavy the weights are. In order to bulk up, you would have to eat significantly more calories than your body is used to.

            One of the top reasons to use weights during your at-home workouts is that they help to build muscle. When your body has more muscle, it becomes easier to lose weight because muscle burns more calories than fat. Working out with weights is a great weight to jumpstart your fitness journey.





            Yoga is an absolute must for all people. Whether you are old, young, tall, short, active, or sedentary, yoga will completely transform your body and your overall wellness. Yoga can do anything from improve strength and flexibility to easing pain, increasing heart health, and improve your overall mental wellbeing. While yoga may look easy from the outside, it is actually a full body workout that will have you sweating the whole way through. Much like adding in weights to your workout, yoga will help you to develop long lean muscles. I

            n addition to the short term benefits like looking great, yoga has plenty of long term benefits that will last the rest of your life. Managing stress is one of the biggest benefits of yoga. This can not only help you to maintain good mental health, but it will keep your heart health in check and keep your joints healthy as well. The best part, you can do yoga just about anywhere. Whether you only have a small area in your house to workout, or if you feel like working out on the beach, yoga is perfect for any location.



Mirror / Tonal


            Another great at-home workout is Mirror or Tonal. Both systems feature a very thin screen that gets mounted to a wall. Simply pay for a subscription and you have unlimited workouts on the screen right from the comfort of your own home. When Mirror isn’t being used as a workout device, it simply looks like a mirror in your house. With only two feet of wall space, you can turn your entire home into a gym. Camera technology and machine learning allow Mirror to get to know you and deliver personalized feedback during your workouts.

            Tonal takes things a step further and comes with attached devices that allow you to lift up to 200 pounds in one pound increments. With 17 sensors, Tonal is able to correct your form to ensure you are not only getting a great work, but working out properly so you don’t accidentally hurt yourself.

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