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Top 5 Scented Candles 2021

            Candles are one of the best ways to elevate you home. Not only do they make your home smell amazing, but they can also be beautiful decor for just about any room in your house. It’s for this reason that I have always been a bit of a candle fanatic and light them not only at night, but during the day as well. Candles have a special way of turning any house into a home. Keep on reading for the top five candle brands I’ve discovered throughout the years.

Cire Trudon


            Cire Trudon is a French candlemaker and is one of the oldest wax-producing factories worldwide. Not only did Cire Trudon provide wax and candles to the Kings of France, but also to the churches throughout the country as well. These candles are expensive but they are oh SO worth it! Unique scents like Moroccan Mint Tea and Spicy Rose and Honey make these candles a must have in any candle lover’s collection. The best part…when there is no more left to burn, wash out the inside and use it as a holder for Q-tips or hair scrunchies. It’ll elevate your vanity and make you feel good about not contributing to unnecessary waste.



Jo Malone

            Jo Malone candles are an absolute classic and perfect whether you are a new candle collector or a tried and true veteran. These are the perfect candles for any gift from birthdays to baby showers and weddings. I’ve never met a girl who isn’t over the top with joy when they open a gift from Jo Malone. In addition, each candle comes wrapped in the cutest packaging and candles smell like heaven. In fact, Jo Maone candles are the perfect gift to yourself if you are ever in need for a little pick me up. Some of my favorite scents are Peony & Blush Sage, English Pear and Freesia, and Wood Sage and Sea Salt.


            With a history dating back to 1961 in St. Germain, the arrondissement known as the literary heart and soul of Paris, you cannot go wrong with a candle from Diptyque. This maison has officially been in business for 60 years, and Diptyque is celebrating with limited edition candles. Irresistible scents will have you falling in love with the brand one candle at a time. A few of my favorite scents include Vanille, Figuier, and Bais. I also love that the names are in French because it transports me back to my favorite cafes in Paris. If you are ready to begin your venture into the world of luxury candles, Diptyque is an absolute must add to your list.

Le Labo


            Le Labo is part of the Estee Lauder family and is based in New York. With beliefs like, “the future of luxury lies in craftsmanship” and “the soul of a fragrance comes from the intention with which it is created” you know you can’t go wrong with a candle from Le Labo. Apothecary packaging combined with subtle yet unique scents quickly propelled Le Labo into the homes of all true candle lovers. Each candle is named with a single word, and a single number. These represent the most prominent note in the scent and the numbers of notes that make up the candle. The candle sets from Le Labo make the perfect gift for any true candle aficionado. If you are looking for yourself, try out my favorite, Santal 26. It’s an absolute classic and I always have at least one in my home.



            L’Object candles are nothing short of pure fun and joy! Each candle is completely unique and acts as a piece of art in your home. While they are expensive candles, I’ve never seen anything quite like L’Object. My favorites include the white and gold birdcage candle, the black and gold crocodile candle, and the malachite candle. Each candle features 24K gold, a scented wax, and serve as excellent conversation pieces at parties. While there is not as much variation in scent, it is always great to have at least one L’Object candle lying around as a conversation starter for you and your guests.

Honorable Mentions


            Each of the above mentioned brands are specialists in candles. It’s part of what makes them so desirable to candle collectors. However, this list would not be complete without mentioning some great designer candles. Louis Vuitton candles are to die for and make the perfect present for a close friend or family member; L’air Du Jardin is absolutely heavenly. Gucci’s The Alchemist’s Garden The Virgin Violet Candle looks great on any vanity and is an excellent addition to every candle lover’s set. If you are looking for a chic and minimalistic candle, Yves St. Laurent is the perfect designer for you. If your style is minimalistic with a slight funky edge, there is nothing better than the Christian Dior Jardin D’Oranges.

            There are a plethora of candles for you to try whether you are just starting your venture into the candle world, or if you have been in on this trend for years. Candles are very similar to perfume, each candle says something different about its owner, and candles allow you to show off your style in yet another way. The combination of the scent a candle gives off, and the look of a candle tells if someone is edgy, minimalistic, unique, or classic. The best part, there are so many candles out there, you will never run out of ones to try.

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