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The ultimate guide to gifting for the travel enthusiast this Christmas

Do you have that globetrotting friend who just can’t get enough of the jet-set lifestyle? Fabulous destinations flood their Insta stories; one minute they’re in Phuket the next in Aspen, or they might simply travel a lot for business – either way we all have that friend. This holiday season, be sure to gift them something extraordinary that aligns with their lifestyle. Our guide will get you inspired with a selection of gift options that are unique, functional & stylish, making life on the go easier for frequent fliers.

Travel Wear Essentials

There’s an unspoken art of dressing for travel; looking chic whilst getting through security lines, layovers in random destinations, and navigating very little legroom. Gift a versatile selection of cozy loungewear so they can move swiftly through check-in and travel like a pro. Upgrade their style with comfortable leggings, cashmere cardigans, hoodies, and classic white sneakers.

Airplane comfort

No seasoned traveler will ever say no to the luxury of a silk sleep mask, a cozy scarf, or a good pair of socks to whip on in flight. When it comes to carry-on packing any one of these items will delight the receiver a sure-fire gift that will be put to good use – because nobody really wants to use those free packs they give you in-flight right?

In-flight pampering

There are certain beauty items that just make a long-haul flight significantly less brutal on the skin. Did you know you can get a jet-lag mask?! Yep, treat them to some in-flight indulgence so they arrive looking fresher than they feel with this gift. Basically hydrating products are an absolute must, Chanel Hydrating fluid has been a celeb cult favorite for years. Eye-patches are another incredibly functional pampering gift idea, we love “Water drench” Cloud hydra and can attest these miracle patches work like a dream.

Classic travel accessories

Personalization is the key to making a gift that little bit more special here. Personalized bag tags, passport holders, or cardholders are a popular go-to for personalized travel essentials. If they’re a frequent business traveler a leather laptop sleeve is a must. Another great gift is Paravel’s compression cubes, this oh-so-fabulous creation is so handy for preserving space when traveling. They’re perfect for stowing bulky items such as sweaters or throws to help save space when packing. And what’s even better about these inventions is that they are sustainable – derived from 10 plastic bottles. Explore them via our slider below.

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