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Swoon-worthy tablescape ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about good food, the turkey, counting blessings, and gathering around the table with the celestial feeling of togetherness. It’s an occasion where you don’t want to put out your everyday tableware right? 

A good holiday-themed tablescape goes a long way to not only consummating a great host but setting the vibe right for an evening of meaning & enjoyment. With the menu ready and the guest list set creatively constructing a beautiful tablescape is not only a must but an art form. Balance your aesthetic and mix it with gorgeous holiday elements such as candlesticks, warm fall leaves, flowers, or even a handwritten name card for an extra special touch. With lots of possibilities and creative directions to go in, so keep your vision clear & inspired. Ready to oooh & ahhh you’re guests during your holiday soirée? Read on. 

Having the right utensils speaks volumes

Prepping the Turkey, making the stuffing, the sprouts, the roast veggies and of course the cranberry sauce all call for a selection of state-of-the-art cooking utensils. Who doesn’t want to look classy whilst cooking a Martha Steward-Esque feast? The feeling of satisfaction using beautifully crafted measuring spoons is one of those small joys, in fact using anything beautifully made creates a flawless experience. When it comes to silver items in the home George Jensen not only pioneers the way; this brand steps up the level of luxury with their world-class designs. 

Master the art of dressing a table with these essentials

Add freshness to your existing table vibe by incorporating new season elements into your tablescape. Pro-tip: no matter which color combination you opt for, make sure all the color elements work in harmony and complement each other. Traditional “Thanksgiving Colors” include cranberry reds, camel browns, and fall yellows but don’t let this limit you, there are no rules. Super chic tablescapes featured on Vogue are illuminated by throwing gorgeous turquoise tones with traditional colors -and it works like a dream. 

Alternatively, if you want to adopt a Baroque style tablescape, and feast like it’s the last supper, make gold the primary color – think of a Versace runway but in table form. Because an American tradition could always use a bit of European influence, especially if you’ve recently traveled through the region, you’ll know Italians do it well. 

Finally, the old-world craftmanship of Baccarat is something never to be missed. Their designs make a setting instantly more luxurious and refined. Be it candle holders, vases, wine glasses or decanters, the crystal designs will make you feel like you are serving your guests with a piece of art. This heritage brand has those pieces worth investing in, the craftsmanship and quality of the crystal mean everything they make is a pleasure to use. 

Who can do no wrong on Insta when it comes to the art of living? 

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