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St. Barths with Le Sereno and Leading Hotels of The World

I just came back from an incredible trip to St. Barths that has left me speechless. I try to not repeat many destinations but St. Barths is going to be breaking that rule. I actually think it is going to be an annual trip for me now.  It’s the perfect mix of luxury beach and chill beach but in the best way. 

The hotel I stayed at was Le Sereno and it is incredible! The simple yet luxurious design of the hotel allows the backdrop of the island to be the art and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The sleek natural design leaves you feeling relaxed in pure luxury. 

They have 39 rooms with a handful of room categories but you really can’t go wrong. Even their basic rooms are anything but basic. All of them have cute seating areas out front with lounge furniture and foliage that fills the space nicely and separates the rooms. They work with a Brazilian designer that as you can see knows what he is doing!

The pool area is the center focus of the hotel with sleek lounge chairs and palm trees surrounding it. The attention to detail at Le Sereno is phenomenal – the stones surrounding the pool were specifically picked out to match the color of the sea when they get wet. It’s that detailed and it doesn’t go unnoticed. 



They also have four gorgeous private villas. Each one has its one private pool that overlooks the sea. It’s one of those places you walk into and are just in awe of its beauty. They are two levels with a bedroom on the first floor and the second floor holding the living room, kitchen, outdoor space, pool and additional rooms. The living room and kitchen are an open floor plan that have floor to ceiling windows that overlook the patio and kitchen.

We ate at the restaurant for breakfast every morning then had appetizers and dinner. I had scrambled eggs most mornings and I have to say I have no idea how the chef made such delicious eggs.  They tasted so fresh and fluffy! They were also very accommodating of my dairy and gluten allergy – making sure to always bring me gf bread and note the soy in my morning coffee. My favorite item on their menu was their mini fish tacos! I think I ordered them every day they were that good. If you go, it’s a must have! 

Below is a summary of our itinerary each day which I think you should definitely repeat 🙂

Day 1:

Arrived to hotel after flying in with TradeWinds. It felt like a private jet experience with a beautiful small plane and a private lounge within the airport. We then had happy Hour at the hotel that consisted of rose and small appetizers. After settling into our rooms and walking the property we had a nice dinner at their restaurant overlooking the water.

After dinner we decided we had to go out because it’s St. Barth’s and the nightlife is out of this world. We went to Bagatelle which started off feeling more like a bar and soon turned into people dancing and champagne flowing. 

Day 2:

Breakfast at the restaurant

Catamaran cruise and snorkeling with sea turtles (A MUST)

Lunch at Shellona (INCREDIBLE)

Shopping at Gustavia 

Back to hotel for pool and beach

The beach at the hotel is perfect. They have comfy chairs and lounges lined up at the beach and some non motorized water sports you can take out at your leisure. The ocean is very calm there and you can actually walk out VERY far out in the water.

We went standup paddleboarding and no joke, sea turtles came right up to us! I was so excited to see them swimming right by us – it was a magical experience that I won’t forget. 

We had a long day and everyone was a bit tired so we did a chill dinner at L’Isoletta (pizza place) which was pretty good. Afterwards we went to Le Ti bar for some fun! This is a spot you won’t want to miss. They have dinner, a show and costume room that you pick out outfits from and where them out in the bar. Most everyone is dressed up, dancing and having a wonderful time. 


Day 3:

Morning hike 

Nikki Beach for lunch and beach party – another MUST!!

Final evening dinner at the hotel with my favorite crew and favorite food. Again, you must get the mini tacos as they are to die for!

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