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Self-tanning tips for your vacation!

I don’t know about you but a nice tan instantly makes me feel good. I feel skinnier, glowing and my clothes & makeup just look better. That’s why before any vacation where I’m going to be wearing a swimsuit I make sure to get a spray tan. This time I was so busy before leaving to Hawaii that I decided to test out self-tanning products at home. I kept hearing about Vita Liberata and how great of a tan it gives you and I’m so glad I did!


It was so easy to apply, dried fast, lasted my entire trip and most importantly it was a very natural color! I also bought their Body Blur to even everything out just in case I didn’t apply it evenly (details below). Good news is I applied it well and didn’t need to even anything out but once I tried the body blur I became obsessed. It leaves your skin glowing, smooth and covers up any imperfections! I also bought the powder for my face and neck, which is now my new bronzer. I love the way it looks, it’s very natural, has good coverage and again, a great tone.

I did however still use my Dr. Dennis Gross face tanning pads because I didn’t want to try it for the first time on my face right before a trip. I swear by these pads, they’re easy to apply, last a few days and never clog my pores. The tan color it gives my skin is perfect! I will keep you posted on when I try Vita Liberata on my face but for now this is what my tanning regimen is!

Step 1:  Exfoliate

Make sure to shave and exfoliate your skin the day before. If you shave the day of sometimes the tanning lotion gets into your pores and leaves spots where your hair follicles are. You should always exfoliate before as well so you can slough off all the dead skin and have a nice base for an even application.

Step 2: Tanning time

Do not use any lotions before putting this on! You need to have your skin clean and dry. Use a tanning mit and do 2-3 pumps of the pHenomenal Tanning foam. Start applying it to your body in a circular motion, making sure to cover all areas. If it looks uneven you can pump a little bit back on the mit and try to even it out. Don’t forget to do your armpits, as that’s a huge giveaway that you have a fake tan. I always do my hands and feet last with whatever is left on the mit to make sure it looks subtle and clean. I also had my fiancé Chris help me with my back (the sweetest).

Step 3: Dry time

Let is dry for 4-8 hours! I have a go-to loose black maxi that I always wear for my spray tans that I put on during this time.  Tanning solutions can leave marks or even stain clothing so use something dark and that you don’t care too much about. I showered after about 6 hours and it stayed on great.

Step 4: Rinse it off

After letting the tan dry and develop, you can rinse it off.  Make sure to not use any soap the first time you shower. This will help the product stay on longer and be even. I also don’t use shampoo or conditioner during this rinse.

Step 5: You’re tan!

Now you just have to wait a few hours and your tan will start developing and getting darker with time. I rinsed off at night then woke up to a beautiful golden tan! This is when you can take a shower with soap and put lotion on after the shower.



Once we arrived to Hawaii I tried out the Body Blur on my legs and loved it! It literally covers up any imperfections and leaves skin even, bronze & glowing. I also sometimes added my Kopari glow on top to give my legs some more pop. It works like a highlighter right up the center of your legs! Photo tip: This is my favorite to put on with photos because the light reflects off the center of your legs leaving them looking skinnier & fabulous (yes please)!


The other product that I used is the powder bronzer . I am officially converted! I used it around the outside of my face, along my cheeks, my neck and my chest. It contoured my face and left my negligée looking golden.


As I mentioned my favorite tanning product for my face is the Dr. Dennis Gross tanning pads. They’re easy to apply and pack with you, which is a huge bonus. They last a few days so when I’m on vacation I’ll use 1 or 2. I love this for so many reasons including not having to wear much or any makeup at the pool or beach.  It gives your face an even golden tone and covers up imperfections quite nicely. I can get a lot of freckles when I’m in the sun that I don’t like so this is always my quick fix.  I also am obsessed with a product that lightens skin tone and has honestly gotten rid of so many of my sunspots! I’ll go into more of that below.

Btw, I have not tried Vita Liberata on my face yet – I’m sure it looks great and I can’t wait to try it soon! Stay tuned on the review for it.

Murad Dark Spot Lightening Serum:

Ok you guys, this is one of the best products I have EVER used!  A few years ago I started getting so many freckles on my face any time I was in the direct sun. I would even put on SPF 50, reapply every hour and it still didn’t work. It got so bad that I went to my Dermatologist multiple times. I thought I had something wrong with me! It’s so crazy how your skin changes throughout the years and mine just got a lot more freckles, which I don’t like on myself. I tried so many products then someone told me about this Murad dark spot lighter from Sephora. I was at the point where I’d try any and everything. So, I bought it and I’m so glad I did!! I put it on morning and night on my face and literally a month later I’d say 80% of my freckles/sun spots on my face were gone!!! I have never had a product work so good in my life. I swear by it and still use it any time I feel like my freckles are getting out of control. If you have similar issues that I just described you are going to LOVE this product. Shop the link below!

Feel free to leave a comment below with any questions! xx, Sinem

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