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Ravello & Amalfi Coast

Last time I was in the Amalfi Coast I stayed in Positano and it was prior to owning my travel business so I didn’t know as much as I do now. This time around I had it alllllll setup! It is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world so I’ve sent MANY clients there for romantic getaways, honeymoons and even weddings. Below are some of my favorite places to visit in the area, things you must do &  places to eat and drink at.


La Fontelina: This is an iconic beach club dating back to the 1940’s! If you’ve googled Capri you have most likely seen photos of the blue and white stripped chairs and umbrellas on the rocks facing the sea. You can actually get lunch right above it and if you’d like you can rent the chairs and umbrellas. It’s not a cheap place to hangout but I think it’s worth it!

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Palazzo Avino: This is where we stayed and I can’t say enough! It’s called The Pink Palace and I now know why. It feels like you are in a fairytale right when you walk through the doors. The pink outer building along the cliffs of Ravello with a stacked backyard from restaurant, to martini bar to lounge space to pool to gym to walking paths to heaven! I felt so in love with this place that I took a break for a few days from social media and just soaked it all in. It’s romantically magical and truly words and photos do not do it justice. I strongly  suggest that everyone try to stay there at least once in their life – that’s the type of place this is.

The staff was so welcoming and everyone had worked there for so long they were all like family. Off the top of my head Antonio who works the front desk and is the concierge is fantastic. He makes things happen! I even asked for a standup paddle board to be at their private Beach Club and what do you know, Antonio delivered 🙂 The other person that stuck out was Roberto at the Martini Bar. He was so sweet and very accommodating. We went to the Martini bar basically every night for a drink at sunset and each time I was so excited to see him. He is a great person and I hope to send my clients to him for a martini next time I have a client stay there.

Belmond Carruso


Le Sirenuse: This is a great escape within the craziness of Positano. To be honest, I think Positano is great to checkout for a day but it’s sooooo touristy and busy that it doesn’t feel relaxing. However, if you are wanting a lot going on, people everywhere and more liveliness this would be the place for you. I like Le Sirenuse as it’s right in the scene of Positano but it’s a nice escape within. I went there for lunch one day and had a fantastic lunch. The food and ambience is worth it! If you are not staying here I recommend coming for a meal or at least a drink.

Il San Piedro

This is also an incredible hotel in Positano that’s more removed from the craziness. It’s up high on the cliffs but looks directly at the cove of Positano so the views are magnificent. A great thing about this hotel is it has a beach club that you can access through their elevator that’s built within the rocks! This is also great because I think the best way to get around is by boat if you can and they have a dock so you can easily boat in and out to get to other areas of the Amalfi or Capri.

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I did not have time to got Sorrento on this trip but I’ve heard incredible things and would like to experience it sometime soon. I’ve done some research though and it’s a spot to certainly check out. SS Gold works with all the luxury hotels in the area so feel free to reach out for booking inquiries and recommendations.

Our 4 nights in The Amalfi

Day 1: Arrived early from Naples. Had a driver pick us up to bring us to the hotel to beat the crowds. We looked at renting a car but with the windy roads, fast drivers, & semi trucks we decided to have a driver instead. It took around 1 – 1.5 hours to get to Ravello from Naples. It was such a pretty drive so I highly reccomend it. You can also take a ferry which I did last time that is also nice.

We decided to take this day to lounge at the hotel, use their beach club and explore the area. I’m so glad we did because it gave us time to take in the incredible hotel and all that it has to offer. They have 4 restaurants on property, a spa that includes a turkish hamum and more. The beach club is so cute too! It’s about 15 minutes away and they have a complimentary shuttle taking you there and back all day. At the beach club they have changing rooms, lounge chairs, a restaurant/bar, and access to the water. Another option is to hang by the hotel at their pool with the incredible view of the coast.

That evening we had dinner at their Michilen Star restaurant, Rossellinis.

Day 2: We did a full day boat trip to see the coast line, coves, Blue Grotto and Capri! This is always my favorite thing to do in the Amalfi Coast! The water is so beautiful and seeing the coastline from a boat is breathtaking!!!

We made a reservation for lunch at La Fontelina so we could hang by the iconic spot, drink some rose and relax for a bit. If you want to hang at the beach club you have to reserve a lounge chair & umbrella.

Day 3: We hired a driver for the day (9 hours) to head to Positano and explore the area at our leisure. We decided to do a long lunch at Le Sirenuse and we had our driver take us straight there so we could dress up and feel good for our lunch. It’s really hot in July so we wanted to start with that before walking around and getting sweaty. We had our driver have a change of clothes for us so we could get comfy after lunch. This is a spot where you want to have a two hour lunch and enjoy the views!

We then walked around the cobblestone streets, shops and went down to the beach.

At 5 we were going to go straight to Francos (next to Le Sirenuse) for happy hour but we were drenched in sweat from walking around Positano that we had to go back to the car and cool off.  We then decided to get out of the craziness and get a drink at Il San Piedro and I’m so glad we did. We had a nice Aperol Spritz, took in the magnificent views and listened to some great music.

After Francos our driver brought us back to the hotel so we could freshen up. We then went into the town of Ravello which is so cute. They have cobblestone streets and a nice square with several cafes, restaurants, bars and shops. It’s the perfect size where you can walk basically around all of it within an hour or so. We ate at a local spot that people raved about and I’m so glad we did. The food was delicious and it was just nice to feel like you were getting a home cooked meal from your Italian grandmother!

Day 4: We decided to get the boat again because it was so much fun the first day. This time we went tour favorite cove, snorkeled for a bit and just relaxed. Then we went to what ended up being my favorite restaurant and spot called Cogna de Sogno in Nerano! This is a MUST!! The ambience is high-end, clean, beautiful and luxurious. The food….was even better! We got the salt crusted branzino and omg I’ve been dreaming of it ever since. So much so that I tried making it when I got home and I’ve almost got it down. I’m just waiting on some olive oil to be delivered that I ordered there and once that comes in I think it’s going to be a home run! Anyways, After that we went back to the square, did some shopping and called it an early night for our 8am flight the next day out of Naples.


I hope this helps and as always feel free to reach out with any questions or booking inquiries!!



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