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Pre & Post Travel Wellness Tips

People always ask me if I get tired from traveling so much and really the answer is, sometimes. I truly enjoy traveling the world, learning about new cultures, seeing beautiful hotels and trying foods that are unique to a country. But, I also love being at home in my routine. I love going to my Burn60 workout classes, running around the Brentwood Country Club, stopping at my local Farmer’s Market and cooking some healthy meals. There’s just something about being cozy at home and taking some time to myself. 

That said, I try to find a balance and make sure I treat my mind and body well before and after a trip! Below are some of the things I do that help me get ready for some time away and always reboot when I get home. 

  1. I’m a huge fan of wellness shots & green juices pre and post any trip. Whenever you’re traveling you’re being exposed to a lot of things your body is not used to so I try to prep myself with building up my immune system as much as I can, naturally. Kreation in Brentwood is my go-to for this. I like to get their Feel Better shot which has turmeric, echinacea, lemon, vitamin C, and cayenne. 
  2. I stop by The Now in Santa Monica to get a quick 30 or 50 minute massage. This helps with blood circulation after a trip and gets the stiff airplane feeling to go away. It also helps to reboot my mind and body which really sets me up for the week ahead. The Now is great because of so many reasons. The second you walk in you feel calm and at ease with the beautiful decor, they have several different types of massages, add-ons and times which helps me pop in for a quick massage on a busy day and they have several locations throughout Los Angeles.
  3. I take my Wellness Formula vitamins before, during and after a trip to keep my immune system up.  A long time ago I worked with Pediatrics and I was getting sick all the time. My doctor recommended this all-natural vitamin from Whole Foods to take daily and multiple at the times I’m feeling sick and it worked wonders! I swear by them now and think it has helped me fight off colds and travel fatigue.
  4. CBD cream and drops. I just started trying CBD and I’m so glad I did! I’ve been using Highline Wellness and I love their stuff. I have suffered from anxiety for quite some time and with now running a business my mind is always going. I find it hard to calm down before or after a trip because many times I’m going for work or coming home to finish work and plan some trips for clients. I hold a lot of stress in my neck and shoulders and I have tried everything! I started putting CBD oil on my neck before bed and it feels so much less tense and an overall calmness before falling asleep. This and adding a drop to my tea is  a miracle worker. 
  5. IV Drips! I used to be scared of these but after going to The Hydration Room I fell in love with it. They have specific drips for jet lag, pre & post travel, and immunity. After doing a drip you’ll feel an immediate boost in energy and overall wellness. If you’re traveling long distances I highly recommend getting one before to boost your immunity. 
  6. Bubble baths & a face mask! I like to take a nice and relaxing soak in the tub with sea salts if I can and apply a face mask during my bath. The sea salts help detoxify and calm the body. I like doing this once I get back from a trip just to get my skin and pores back to normal after the dry air in the plane and different types of water for showering and washing your face. Below are some of my favorite face masks to use post travel!

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