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Plan now, travel later!

Hey everyone! I haven’t had much time to put into my blog these past few months so I apologize for my absence. SS Gold Travel has been very busy and it was taking more of my time to create perfect itineraries for my clients. That said, with social distancing, travel being put on hold and staying at home I thought I’d get back into my website and blog!

I’m guessing you guys are probably feeling the same way as me with feeling stuck and a bit anxious about the upcoming few months especially with traveling. That said, I think it’s time to plan ahead so once we are all healthy and free you can click the “book now” bottom and be swept away to the place you’ve been dreaming of while stuck at home. That is why I have created some packages that will make it easy for you to just pick a place, the type of package you want and know I have got you covered!!  The destinations I chose are based on different moods – do you think you’ll want to get away and be around a bunch of people and party, do you want to go far away into nature and hike, do some yoga, take a deep breath and reboot, or do you just want a nice place to get away? I will  have specific places that I think will fit those moods the best and include activities based on those destinations. Check back in soon for the packages we’ve created!!!

I’m here if you have any questions.  Let’s start getting you setup for the vacation of your dreams after all this craziness!!!



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