My Honeymoon: The Stay, Pt 2

As much as I loved the journey to get to my honeymoon destination, I was somehow even more impressed by the hotel and activities once we arrived. If you are visiting Antibes, there is no better place to stay than Hotel Du Cap. Between my stay at the most beautiful hotel with a jaw dropping pool, private cabanas, a day trip to St. Tropez and another to La Guerite, and a Michelin Star restaurant to top it off, this five day trip was absolute bliss the entire way through. It also felt like the perfect amount of time because it allowed us to visit a couple of our favorite cities, but also enjoy the gorgeous grounds of Hotel Du Cap.

Hotel Du Cap

Hotel Du Cap

Hotel Du Cap is the place to stay if you are visiting the French Riviera. Set on a cliff overlooking the ocean, there is something both magical and tranquil about this hotel. Hotel Du Cap has a crazy way of making you feel like you have both privacy and everything you could possibly need at the tip of your fingers. The hotel offers everything from classic rooms to expansive suites, and you can’t go wrong with any option. While we were staying at Hotel Du Cap, we spent a majority of our time at the picturesque pool. The saltwater infinity pool is set amongst the cliffs and feels like you’ve stepped into a beautiful blue grotto. Chairs overlooking the water are perfect for sunbathing and relaxing. 

If you like being active on your vacations there is a great ropes course in the water, or even opt for a guided tour of the coastline by jet ski. If you love boats as much as I do, opt for a fun boat ride to St. Tropez or Cannes. After a few hours of activities, spend the rest of your day in a private seaside cabana. While relaxing, you can choose from a relaxing spa day or a mindful yoga session. Whether you prefer a seaside lunch or a candlelit dinner and cocktails, the private cabanas are the perfect way to spend a day at Hotel Du Cap.

LuoRoc Restaurant
LuoRoc Restaurant

LuoRoc Restaurant

It’s hard to believe Hotel Du Cap could get any better. But, on top of the private cabanas and a gorgeous view, it is also home to Michelin restaurant, LouRoc. This restaurant offers everything you could possibly ask for from Mediterranean cuisine. Chefs Eric Frechon, Arnaud Poette, and Sebastien Broda are miracle workers for your palette. Gorgeous views of the French Riviera paired with gastronomic genius made this one of my favorite means throughout our entire honeymoon.

St. Tropez

St. Tropez is about a 1.5 hour drive from Hotel Du Cap. However, when you are vacationing in the French Rivera, why drive when you can boat? St. Tropez is one of the most famous cities in France. It was the place for jet setters in the 1960s and has somehow still kept its charm. The beaches are gorgeous, nightlife is thriving, and the feeling you have when visiting is unparalleled. Like I always say, the journey is half the experience. We opted to take a boat ride to St. Tropez instead of driving to make the absolute most of our time in the French Rivera. While in St. Tropez, we ate at Club 55, an al fresco restaurant with a day club. 

Club 55 was an experience all in itself, and is definitely worth making a trip to St. Tropez for. Simple and classic, the food at Club 55 is absolutely perfect for a day spent overlooking the water. Pamelonne Beach is beautiful and the simplistic and authentic cuisine you will experience at Club 55 is the ideal way to spend a day in the French Rivera.

La Guerite

La Guerite was probably my favorite restaurant throughout my entire honeymoon. Located in Cannes, on the rocky cove of Sainte-Marguerite island, this restaurant offers the best Mediterranean food you will ever experience. Yiannis Kioroglou was born in Athens and is exceptionally skilled in using aromatic herbs and marinades. He also visits farmers markets and fish markets to find the best and freshest ingredients for each dish. Be sure to visit between June and August if you want to experience dinner. The rest of the year La Guerite is only open for lunch. Also, be sure to make reservations. Occasionally you can get lucky. However, this is not an experience you want to leave to luck. La Guerite also offers sun beds for guests to enjoy with breath taking views of the Bay of Cannes. Don’t forget to try an Aperol Spritz. It’s one of the best I’ve ever had!

5 Days In The French Riviera 

The biggest struggle with every vacation is time. While I was fortunately able to take a lot of time for my honeymoon, it is still not unlimited time. Five days was the perfect amount of time to spend in the French Riviera. With Hotel Du Cap as our home base, we got to see everything we wanted in the area. From St. Tropez and Cannes to frolicking in the infinity pool and enjoying a Michelin Star meal, I felt we made the best use of our time with a five day stay at Hotel Du Cap. The entire time we were there we didn’t feel rushed, but we also didn’t get bored. A trip to the French Riviera is truly what you make of it. 


Overall, this trip to the South of France was one of my absolute favorites! Not only did I get to spend time in one of my favorite travel destinations with my new husband, but I got to experience a little bit of everything. We had days lounging by the pool in a private cabana, we had day trips to other noteworthy towns in the area, we did a ropes course which kept us active for part of the trip, and we lounged in our beautiful room at Hotel Du Cap, all while enjoying tasty food along the way. This truly was a fairy tale trip and I would highly recommend it as a stop to anyone planning a honeymoon through Europe!

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