Enjoying the journey

I’m a big believer that when it comes to travel, getting to your destination is half of the experience. That’s why I knew I had to go all out for the most important travel experience of my life…my honeymoon. I already knew this vacation was going to be one of the best, simply because I was spending it with my favorite person in my favorite places. The way we chose to travel just made it that much better. Our itinerary started at LAX, then took us to Paris, then to Nice, and the entire time it felt like something out of a French fairytale. 

The Airport

While we all love traveling, most people do not enjoy going to the airport. And, LAX has to be one of the most stressful airports to navigate. Not only can it be frustrating getting stuck in traffic backed up to the freeway simply trying to enter the airport, but once you get in, it feels like every corner your turn is packed with people. While TSA Pre-Check can be helpful at times, the secret is out, and more people have TSA Pre-Check than ever before. The lounges are nice, but you still have to fight your way through the crowds to get there. 

When it came to my honeymoon, I wanted pure relaxation, and starting our trip trying to navigate through LAX was nothing but stressful. The good thing about LAX, it offers PS LAX, a private and stress free way to fly that makes LAX, shall I say it…enjoyable! PS is a private terminal away from the actual airport so you never even have to get into the traffic that starts well before LAX. There is a back door to board the plane along with a seamless security and customs check. There are a variety of options for travelers to choose from, whether it be The Salon, PS Direct or a Private Suite. We opted for the Private Suite to give us total luxury while starting off our honeymoon. 

During our Private Suite experience, not once did we enter the airport. We waited in a room while all of our luggage and check-in was handled. If you’re like me and tend to pack a little heavy from time to time, this was a lifesaver! The private suite has everything you can imagine: food, candy, snacks, drinks, ear buds, tea, nice wine, lint rollers, medicine, etc. Once it is time for you to board, you are taken directly to the plane and do not have to wait at your gate. This was one of my favorite aspects of the Private Suite experience.

Air France La Premiere

We booked our flight to Paris with La Premiere Air France. This is an experience within itself. There are four of these seats on the plane. The seat comes with a huge lay flat bed and a couch so your significant other can join you for meals. Air France La Premiere food selection was divine. The lineup included caviar as a starter, white fish in coconut curry as a main dish, and a non-dairy chocolate sorbet as dessert. The food was tasty and healthy and beautifully presented.

In addition to a large lie flat seat and couch, the seat also had curtains which offered privacy, tons of great movies and shows to keep me entertained throughout the 11 hours and phenomenal service. I truly felt taken care of and catered to throughout the entirety of the flight. I enjoyed La Premiere so much I was a little bummed when the captain announced we were landing. This brings me to next positive with La Premiere…deplaning.

As soon as we landed, I was greeted right outside of the plane, and taken down the stairs into a car that was headed straight to the Air France lounge. I was able to clear customs in the lounge while drinking coffee and stretching my legs. If you are someone who likes to book activities the second you land, or simply like to freshen up before your connecting flight, there are even showers in the lounge so you can freshen up before heading out on the town. Once we finished clearing customs, we were greeted again and taken by car to our connecting flight. Not only was this the smoothest customs clearance or plane transfer I’ve ever experienced, it was one of the most enjoyable flying experiences I have ever had. There is something about having people to guide you through each step of the flying process, and having privacy throughout the experience that makes it beyond enjoyable. I always enjoy flying, but this time was even more incredible. 


Overall, my flying experience was beyond amazing. I felt like I had such a great experience and hadn’t even reached my destination yet. PS LAX and Air France La Premiere are the epitome of “enjoying the journey.” Sometimes it can be difficult to find the seats you want on a date that coincides with your trip. However, I highly recommend moving your trip around if necessary to experience La Premiere at least once.

From PS LAX to Air France La Premiere, I felt catered to the entire time. Privacy, a personalized living space, and a stress free customs clearance made this traveling experience one I will always remember. I definitely look forward to taking more trips using PS LAX and flying Air France La Premiere in the future.

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