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How to make NYE the best New Years yet!

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and with Stay At Home Orders in place in many cities around the country, New Years is going to look very different for most people. Chances are, instead of ringing in the New Year at a discotheque in Paris or spending it at a beautiful rooftop bar, you’ll be ringing in the new year with your significant other, your closest few girlfriends, or your immediate family. While 2020 has been different than everyone expected and New Year’s Eve will be different from anything you have ever experienced, different does not always have to mean bad. In fact, you may look back on this New Year’s in ten years and realize just how special it really was.

You can make this New Year’s Eve at home the best one ever! It’s all about the attitude you bring and how you feel. So, buy that sparkly dress from Saks you’ve been eyeing, throw on your highest pair of heels, and order in from your favorite local restaurant. Bring out your favorite New Year’s Eve decorations and splurge on your favorite bottle of champagne. Ringing in the New Year isn’t about what you do, it’s truly about who you’re with. As long as you’re surrounded with people who love and support you, you’re already half way there to having the best New Year’s.

What To Wear

We all know the best part about NYE is getting to dress up. Whether you want to go classic sequins and glitter, black and white attire, or have a fun 20s for 2021 theme, there’s always a way to make it fun for everyone. The best part of a NYE at home…you get to throw on some fancy loungewear whenever you get over those heels, and ring in the New Year in comfort. Below are some of the best places to find that perfect New Year’s Eve outfit.

Revolve: Let’s be honest, we all have a love hate relationship with Revolve. We absolutely LOVE the trendy clothes, chic outfits, and ease of shopping online. But, we hate the fact that we can’t open our computers without dropping a whole paycheck (*facepalm*). Well, Revolve isn’t going anywhere, and as any girl who loves fashion knows, Revolve is the easiest place to find the perfect outfit for any occasion.

Saks Fifth Avenue: If you’re in the mood to go all out this New Year’s Eve, Saks Fifth Avenue is your place. Quality pieces with a stylish flare is exactly what you’ll find when you shop at Saks. The best part…you can shop online and have any outfit shipped to your door in two days via Shoprunner. With a few weeks left before New Year’s, 2-day shipping allows you the ability to try on a few outfits and return them in time for the New Year.

Vici: If you want to make a BIG entrance but don’t feel like spending a ton of money on an outfit only a few people will see, Vici is your store. With cute trendy pieces that don’t break the bank, you can’t go wrong with an online visit to Vici. Be sure to sign up for their emails as they have at least 20% off every day.


The best way to make a New Year’s at home special is through the decorations. As long as your home looks like a New Year’s celebration, it will feel like one. Of course, you must have the ball drop playing on the TV in the background. Order some noise makers and party poppers that everyone can use during the countdown. Set the mood with the perfect holiday scented candles, and hang a glittery disco ball in the center of your home.

Most New Year’s events start late. This means a full dinner setting won’t be necessary. However, grab some gold and silver napkins, spoons, forks, and plates so your guests can enjoy appetizers in style. Last but definitely not least, set the mood with an awesome playlist. Whether you enjoy relaxing with some Kiiara, Sam Feldt, and Clean Bandit, or if you’re ready to get down on your homemade dance floor with City Girls, Saweetie, and Biggie, the perfect playlist is the key to any memorable celebration.

Food Ideas

While New Year’s Eve doesn’t typically call for a full fledged dinner, in 2020, all rules are out the window. If you feel like having a dinner party with a few of your closest loved ones, why not!? If you want to make things really easy, order from your favorite small restaurant. This way you can support a local business AND enjoy all the time you have with your family and friends. If you’re a fan of homemade meals, cook a yummy prime rib with mashed potatoes, asparagus, and homemade cookies for dessert. Pair this tasty dinner with your favorite bottle of wine, and you’ve made the perfect New Year’s Eve dinner.

If cooking all day isn’t quite your cup of tea, have each attendee bring an easy appetizer to share with the rest. Or, stop by Trader Joes or Whole Foods for easy oven baked apps. Have a signature New Year’s Drink, like this New Year’s Sparkler, and you have the perfect treats for your loved ones.

Whether you are cooking a full dinner or doing a pot luck of appetizers, one thing is for sure, you MUST have an amazing bottle of champagne to toast with at the countdown. Whether you’ve partied it up in a foreign country to ring in the New Year, or spent it at home with family, I bet each New Year’s memory includes a toast with a nice glass of champagne. This is the key to making a New Year’s at home the best one yet.

Yes, a New Year’s at home may not be what you had in mind at the beginning of 2020. But, just because it’s not exactly what you pictured, doesn’t mean it can’t be the best one yet. Think of ringing in 2021 as a time to relax, recharge, and reset for the new year. Enjoy the rare chance to have your most loved people all in the same place at the same time. Ringing in the New Year isn’t about where you are, it’s about who you’re with and what you make of it.

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