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Hotel of the Month: Four Seasons Lanai & Sensei

Serenity, luxurious and wellness are just a few of the words that come to mind when thinking of the Four Seasons Lanai & Sensei. If you have been itching for a tropical vacation somewhere that will allow you to get away from the every day hustle and bustle, while still remaining mindful and working on your overall wellness, this is it! From personalized itineraries with spa dates and fitness classes to top of the line dining and round trip trip airfare from Honolulu, you simply cannot find a better experience in Hawaii than the Four Seasons Lanai & Sensei.


The Four Seasons Lanai & Sensei is located on a pristine small island called Lanai, just a few miles west of Maui. Rolling lush pastures set against beautiful crashing waves allows for serene meditation and a general feeling of wellness as soon as you step foot on the island. One of the best features of this resort is it’s feeling of privacy while still being convenient enough to visit other islands in Hawaii. 

In order to make your trip as easy as possible, the Four Seasons Lanai & Sensei offers round trip transportation from Honolulu airport to the resort, and back. Once you land at Lanai, the resort organizes all transportation for you and those you are traveling with to make your experience seamless. 

The Vibe

If I had to choose one word to describe the experience that is the Four Seasons Lanai, it would be serene. There is something so peaceful that overtakes you from the second you step foot on the resort. It’s not just the beautiful views that create a sense of serenity, it’s everything the hotel offers its guests. Whether you are called by the enriching classes, relaxing treatments or new adventures, the Four Seasons Lanai & Sensei offers guests private wellness consultations complete with nutritious foods. The Sensei Way, founded by Dr. David Agus, focuses on three main paths to wellness: move, nourish and rest, and this is the basis of the Four Seasons Lanai & Sensei experience.  


The rooms at the Four Seasons Lanai & Sensei are minimalistic and modern in the homiest way possible. Whether you are looking for a basic room, or feel like splurging on a suite, every room at this resort is a winner, and you cannot go wrong with any of them. Below are a few of the rooms available for guests to enjoy during their stay. 

Koele Room: Light, airy, and the perfect size for a couple looking for a quick and easy getaway, the Koele Room is the standard room offered at the Four Seasons Lanai & Sensei. With direct access to the hotels grounds, this room is perfect for those seeking ease and simplicity.

Koele Suite: These one bedroom suites sit at 790 square feet and overlook the resort’s gardens. A furnished balcony allows guests to enjoy the peaceful nature of the resort. A dining area that seats four is also available to guests for ease and comfort during intimate gatherings. 

Kaiholena Suite: If you are ready for a stay of luxury, the Kaiholena suite is for you. This room boasts 1200 square feet of beauty. The highlight of this room is the fireplace which boasts the perfect setting to relax and continue your wellness journey after a full day. In addition, if you are traveling with kids or another couple, this suite can be configured into a two bedroom suite.


The Four Seasons Lanai & Sensei may be located on a small island, but there is no lack of exciting experiences for guests to take part in. Whether you love the thrill of zip lining through beautiful Hawaii and going on 4×4 Excursion, or if you are seeking something more serene like sailing the open waters, there is something for everyone at the resort. Some guest favorites include horseback riding tours, golfing, hiking, archery, tennis and even scuba diving and deep sea fishing. When visiting this resort, you can truly make your stay anything you want.

The Spa

Spa facilities at the Four Seasons Lanai & Sensei are open from 9 AM to 7 PM every day. The goal of Sensei is complete and totally wellbeing. Through movement, nourishment and rest, Dr. David Agus believes people can reach their greatest version of wellness. During a trip to the spa, guests will work with their Sensei Guide to craft a personalized itinerary composed of private guided sessions, fitness and wellness classes, spa services and adventures. 

During the spa portion of your experience, you can choose from a variety of different treatments such as massages, facials and beauty treatments. Whether you prefer self-guided experiences experiences through infrared saunas soaking tubs and outdoor showers, or private 1:1 experiences to guide you deeper into your intensions, the spa at The Four Seasons Lanai & Sensei is a serene and necessary experience during your stay.  

The Restaurants

Sensei by Nobu: Whether you want breakfast, lunch or dinner, this unique concept features a glass pavilion atop a reflecting pond with indoor and outdoor seating along with a 16-seat communal table.

Koele Garden Bar: This is the perfect place for some light snacks with friends. Located close to the lobby with beautiful garden views, this is an excellent place to relax. Full menu options are available as well.

In-Room Dining: The rooms at the Four Seasons are beautiful and complete with fully furnished lanai. This is the perfect place to enjoy some in-room dining when you are in the mood to relax.

Private Spa Hale: This perfect option after your couple’s spa treatment is private and serene. Enjoy gorgeous surroundings and sounds and scents from nature. 

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