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Easy Ways to Elevate your Home Floral Arrangements

One of the best things I have learned from decorating my home is that there’s no easier way to give your house a makeover than some fresh flowers. From their beautiful and subtle fragrance to dainty appearance, flowers may not be the first thing you notice when you walk in a room, but they are the thing that brings a room together. In addition to the flowers themselves, vases can take home decoration to another level. I used to always keep the vases that were sent to be in flower deliveries. While these worked fine, it wasn’t until I started buying real crystal vases that I noticed how much better flowers can make a home look. Crystal vases can be expensive. But, they will elevate your home in a way you never imagined.

Another reason people shy away from flowers is because they don’t know where to go. While there are a few large flower chains, I’ve always enjoyed picking up whatever fresh flowers I see at the local farmer’s market. This is a great way to find unique flowers that you may normally not find at the store, and also support a local, small business. Keep on reading for my favorite vases and flowers that help to level up my home.



Vases To Elevate Your Home


Waterford Treasures of the Sea Tramore Lead Crystal Vase: This Waterford vase is to die for! This striking blue vase brings together timeless elegance and modernity all in a classic way. Standing at 8” tall, this vase can be placed in just about any room. This would go particularly well in a room that receives lots of light, is mostly white and in need of a pop of color, or in a room that is searching for a little something extra. This vase also comes in a clear color, if you don’t want it drawing too much attention. You can find it at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, or anywhere similar.


Waterford Aran Lead Crystal Vase: This vase is simple and clear, yet still so exquisite. Slightly on the wider side, this is the perfect vase for when you get a large bundle of flowers. The worst thing you can do is cram a gorgeous set of flowers into a vase that is too small. The criss cross pattern on the bottom half of the vase add a unique flare to level up your flower game.


Waterford Lismore Diamond Lead Crystal Vase: This is the perfect hourglass shaped vase and it comes in two different sizes (6” x 8” and 9.25” x 14”). Striking, unique, and elegant, this is the vase that captures everyone’s attention without being over the top. The intricate diamond pattern and sweeping lines make this vase an absolute must.


Baccarat Eye Large Rectangular Lead Crystal Vase: This is 100% your splurge vase and its an absolute must if you live in a modern home. I never thought I’d fall in love with a black vase, but Baccarat did it once again. Distinctive ridging give this vase a subtle edge that contrasts the daintiness of a flower perfectly. Standing at 11.5” tall, this is the perfect vase for tall flowers and it will act as the perfect conversation starter in your home.


Baccarat Eye Small Red Vase: Colored vases may not be for everyone. But, if you are going to try out a colored vase, there is no better brand than Baccarat to start you off. Standing just under 6” tall, this vase is perfect  for when you need to add a little something extra to a room. Pair with fluffy red roses or any white flower and this will be a show stopping piece in any room.



Favorite Flowers


Sunflowers: No flower list is complete without mentioning sunflowers. There are so many different types of sunflowers available. From dark centers to light centers, thin stem to thick stem, there is no shortage of choices with these cheery flowers. While sunflowers may not have a permanent place in your home, one thing is for sure; if you are having a bad day, take a stroll down to your local farmer’s market and check for some sunflowers. They are guaranteed to brighten you day and brighten up any room.


Pampas Grass: Pampass grass is having a moment right now. Native to South America, this flower is girly, fluffy, and looks like a big feather. Since they’re so large, they definitely need a strong sturdy vase. Pampass grass is perfect next to a fireplace, in a bathroom, or even in a bedroom for a little extra flare.


African Violet: African violets are a beautiful purple colored flower that is native to Tanzania. They are a favorite of many people for the home because they flower easily and aren’t too difficult to take care of. Simply keep the soil moist and water the flowers with room temperature water. African violets add a perfect pop of color to any home.


Roses: Roses are an obvious choice but no list is complete without them. You can find roses in just about any color, and they add a romantic touch to any room. Whether you are a favorite of the classic red, or love a pretty in pink rose to add a touch of color to a room, roses are an excellent choice for a seasoned flower veteran or someone who is new to the game. My favorite place to put roses is in the bathroom. They add a touch of femininity and beauty to the place you get ready every morning.


Orchids: Orchids make surprisingly good house plants. You can buy them just about anywhere, and while they look beautiful and sophisticated, they are actually easy to grow. In addition, they come in just about every color, making them the perfect fit for any room in your house. One of the most unique orchids I’ve seen is the black orchid. While a black flower may sound weird, it has a mysteriously beautiful quality that I haven’t seen in another flower since. Black orchids are the perfect choice if you have a more modern or industrial home.




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