Croatia is located on the beautiful Adriatic coast. It gives travelers a chance to see sparkling coastline and urban cities including Dubrovnik where Game of Thrones is filmed. I went with a few girlfriends and stayed in Split, Hvar then Dubrovnik.


We stayed in Split for one night. To me, this was enough as it’s a small city that you can explore in a day.  It has lots of restaurants, bars and by the water there’s a boardwalk with some cute outdoor cafes.



Hotel Vestibul Palace – SLH Hotel

Hotel Park Split

Hotel Luxe

Radisson Blu Resort

Heritage Hotel

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We then went to Hvar and ended up extending our stay! It’s full of swanky hotels, restaurants, shops, day clubs, night clubs, fabulous music, great people and a good vibe. We would get up, have breakfast, hang by the pool for a bit at our hotel then head down to Hula Hula bar which is one of the best day clubs I’ve been to! It starts around 2/3pm and goes till after sunset. We’d then go back, get ready and head into the town square to get dinner and go to the bars. There’s also an amazing island that’s just a club called Carpe Diem that you take a boat taxi to! It starts around 11pm/12am and goes until sunrise. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss!

IMG_6515 2


Amfora (where we stayed) – This hotel is a 5 minute walk to Hula Hula bar and a 10 minute walk into the town square. The service, food and pool was great and can we talk about this view?? I can’t get enough of it!!

Adriana – Chic, contemporary hotel with a rooftop pool and a waterfront restaurant.

Riva Hvar Hotel

Hotel Podstine

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Dubrovnik is a place that leaves you speechless! The beauty of the old town and fortress walls aligning the shimmering adriatic sea is unbelievable. You can walk along the ancient city walls that protected the capital of a sophisticated republic for centuries. It has now grown in popularity because of it’s filming of Game of Thrones as it’s real-life King’s Landing (yes, this is where they shot Cersei’s Walk of Shame.

IMG_6749 3


Walk around the ancient city walls and take a cable car ride up to Mount Srd for unbelievable views.

Head over to the eljesac peninsula for fresh oysters and great wine

Hop in a kayak and paddle around to see the picturesque landscape by sea, but island hopping by boat is truly the best way to go!

Take a Game of Thrones tour

Walk around old town and take in it’s beauty!

Go to the many wonderful cliffside bars and watch the adventurous cliff jumpers!

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Buza Bar (picture below) – This is one of my favorites. You can watch the cliff jumpers as you sit there, take in the sunset and have a nice glass of wine.

FullSizeRender 33

Revelin – Night Club in the fortress walls

Cave Bar More

EastWest Beach Club

Bistro Ivor

IMG_6794 3


Villa Dubrovnik

Hotel Bellevue Dubrovnik

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace

Villa Orsula Dubrovnik

Hotel Lapad

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