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Chartering a Sailing or Motor Yacht…The Perfect Private Quarantine Escape

While we all thought COVID would be gone by 2021, this pandemic somehow continues to ruin so many travel plans. As places continue to remain shut down, it can be normal to feel like you just need to escape. Fortunately, there is a way you can have a fabulous vacation while still keeping your distance from other people. Chartering a sailing or motor yacht is the perfect way to have a socially distanced escape during these unprecedented times. While you may have had trips booked to big cities like Paris, Singapore, or New York, a little flexibility may allow you to experience relaxing destinations that do not normally cross your mind when booking a trip.


One of the best parts of chartering a yacht is that you can enjoy the vast, gorgeous, blue ocean that most people only get to enjoy from shore. In addition to getting a new perspective on the beauty of water, you’ll also get to do so in a private and exclusive way. While some vacations are meant for people watching while scarfing down loads of gelato across from the Trevi Fountain, other vacations are meant for total and complete relaxation. Yachts are perfect for those who are looking to get away from hustle and bustle of their every day lives.

One of the best parts of chartering a yacht are the locations you get to visit. Imagine sailing the Sea of Cortez with the opportunity to stop at Isla Espirtu Santo and experience pristine beaches. Or, imagine floating through the Caribbean and experiencing pure paradise while you visit multiple islands, or simply enjoy water sports along the way. The US Virgin Islands are another picturesque place to enjoy a vacation away from the crowds. Regardless of where you choose, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience.

The Layout

Whether this is your first time on a yacht or your 100th, it’s always exciting to look through a yacht’s layout. The exterior is always pristine and perfect for catching up on your tan after being inside all of 2020. However, most people fail to recognize the beauty of the interior. From plush couches to lounge on when the sun is too hot, to comfortable beds that will give you the best sleep you have ever experienced, to impeccable hardwood floors, you can bet no leaf is left unturned when the crew prepares for your charter.

Sleeping inside of a boat on rocky water can be nerve-racking for some people. Inside, most yachts have a master bedroom with an ensuite bathroom. Ample lighting and space make you feel like you’re in a luxury hotel. Down the hall, there is typically a couple other guest rooms with either a Queen bed, or a set of bunk beds. Again, these rooms are plush with hardwood floors and will make your stay enjoyable. While every room may not feel like a suite at the FourSeasons, you don’t need it to. Most of your time will be spent outside enjoying the water and deck.


Water Activities

One of the best things about chartering a sailing or motor yacht is the ability to enjoy water sports. Oftentimes on vacations, people will enjoy a few hours of water sports. However, when you’re out in the open ocean, you not only get to spend more time enjoying water activities than you would when you stay on land, but you can also try a wider variety of water sports. Below are just a few of the fun activities you’ll get to experience when enjoying the open ocean.

  • Snorkeling: Whether or not you are an advanced swimmer, you can enjoy snorkeling in any destination. Your yacht charter is guaranteed to have life vests and fins on board so you can swim throughout the ocean carefree, all while searching to beautiful fish and ocean life.
  • Scuba: An adventure on the water is the perfect excuse to get your scuba license. If you’re interested in going on a scuba diving adventure, be sure to let your charter know ahead of time so they can properly prepare.
  • Water Slides: This has to be one of the most fun activities to do while on a yacht charter. Everyone loves water slides. But going down a water slide off the edge of a yacht is on another level. This is an absolute MUST during your time at sea.
  • Massive Floats: If you’re excited to lounge on this trip and prefer laying out in the sun versus taking part in water sports, this is for you. Ask the crew to pull out some fun floats that you can sun bathe on while sipping mojitos.
  • Jet Skis: Jet Skis are for those who love a little thrill. Race around the open ocean without fear of crashing into any other vacationers.
  • Paddle Boards: If you’re a yoga lover like me, paddle boards are the perfect way to enjoy the open ocean and get a calm workout in. If you’re real advanced, you may even want to try out paddle board yoga.

On Board Activities

  • Private Dinner Party: There’s nothing quite like a dinner party with the people you love most. Oftentimes, going out to restaurants is great for a lovely vibe, but the atmosphere doesn’t always lend itself to intimate discussions. Private dinner parties on the yacht are like nothing you’ve ever experienced. It’s the perfect time for you and your guests to truly catch up and enjoy one another’s company.
  • Lounge: Lounging is one of the best perks of chartering a sailing or motor yacht. When you are on land, somehow you’re always able to find something to do. Whether it’s getting dressed up to go to a nice dinner, or enjoying one of the beach clubs, total relaxation is usually not accomplished on land. However, when you’re on the open ocean with no distractions, true rest and relaxation is possible.
  • Hike on Small Islands: If being exclusively on a boat makes you a little nervous, fear not! Your charter can arrange for stops on small islands that you would normally never get to visit. Ask your captain to stop at a private island where you can go on a nature hike and end the day with dinner on a private island.
  • Wine Tasting: If you and your guests are wine lovers, ask your charter to plan a wine tasting with the regions best wines. This is a great activity for day or nighttime.

The Perfect Outfit

You can wear just about anything on a yacht. You’ll want to pack tons of bathing suits and flowing dresses. Don’t forget to bring lots of hats to protect your face while you’re in the sun. Whether you want to dress up every day or stay in lounge clothes, you’ll be perfectly dressed for the occasion. The one thing you don’t need to worry about are shoes. Most yachts will not allow shoes to ensure the wood stays look pristine. Therefore, leave your high heels at home and opt for a comfy pair of sandals for the duration of your charter.

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