Carry-on travel essentials

Sometimes packing for a trip can be daunting and tedious, especially when you want to only pack a carry-on! I’m one of those that will try to hardly check my bag because once I get to my destination I’m too excited to go explore that my impatience kicks in. I also am just not a fan of waiting around with hundreds of people watching suitcases go around in circles…am I right?

With traveling so much I have come up with a few things I now can’t travel without. Some of these I only bring on longer flights but if you need a quick nap you might want to just bring them along on shorter flights as well.

Here are my top ten carry-on essentials to get you ready for your next flights!

1. Headphones!! You never know who is going to be sitting close to you and you might want to drown out their noise…. kids whining, babies crying, girlfriends talking VERY loud and obnoxious – you know you’ve had those instances. Not only is a good pair of headphones key but also you need to get the free Sleep Fan App! This is everything! It drowns out all noise and you can choose what type of fan noise you want. I even use these when I’m in hotels and can hear people in the hallways. The headphones below are all mostly noise reducing headsets that will make any background noise disappear right when you put them on.

2. Shawl or large scarf – I’m a freeze baby and you never know when the airplane is going to decide to jack up their AC. I’ve been on flights when I’m so cold my toes get numb and I order hot water just to hold onto to to get warm. So, I’ve learned my lesson and bring a warm shawl with my every time I fly.

3. Eye Mask & Neck Pillow – I’m not going to lie – I wear eye masks at home too. I just love how putting on a soft and cozy mask makes you feel like it’s dark and time to go to sleep. If you put on the headphones with the Sleep Fan App, use a neck pillow and an eye mask, I promise you will fall asleep a lot easier on flights! I also added one below that’s for people with fake lashes or if you don’t want to get your eye makeup messed up. I have it and it’s not the cutest but it does the job! No smushed lashes here!

4. External Phone Charger – I use my phone a lot and get anxiety when my phone goes to even 20%. Some planes have chargers now but you really can’t always count on them, as I’ve been on many where they’re broken. An external charger is like my safety blanket – I make sure it’s fully charged before and it always brings my battery back to 100%. I like the ones where it shows how much charge is left so I know what to expect.

5. Hand Sanitizer & wipes – I don’t really trust the cleaning crew that comes in for a few minutes right before your flight. I can’t count how many times I’ve gotten on a flight and a kids was for sure sitting in my seat before because there were crumbs and greasy fingerprints everywhere (eww). No shame – I will wipe the screen and armrests if I have to!

6. Travel size moisturizer & chapstick – I always get so dry on flights from the re-circulated air and putting on a nice moisturizer makes me feel so much better and weirdly more awake. I make sure to not bring a very smelly one, as I don’t want everyone around me to have to smell it too.

7. Snacks – Luna Bars are everything to me. I’m allergic to gluten and dairy so it’s sometimes hard to find things to eat on the go or in the plane. I always pack some granola bars and lately I’ve been really liking Skinny Pop and Seaweed snacks! Hint: The chocolate peppermint Luna Bar tastes just like a Thin Mint Girl Scout cookie!!

8. A Mini travel pack with a small hairbrush, travel toothbrush with toothpaste or mouthwash, face hydrating spray and some bronzer. I like feeling good when I land so right before or after at the airport I’ll freshen up with these products and feel ready to take on my trip!

9. A book or magazine to read. I like to get the celebrity gossip magazines because they’re fun to read and pass time on flights. If you’re traveling to a destination you’ve never been a travel guide is always a great thing to read up on.

10. Extra goodies from time to time: The mini cocktail kits are the cutest! I think this is a great gift idea for someone that likes to travel too. I also love my phone ring stand – it’s easy to run around the airport with a good grip on my phone and I can prop it up if I’m watching a show on my phone – love it!

To end, here are some of my favorite carry-ons! For suitcases I really like ones that can roll in all different directions. This makes it easier to navigate through the airport and in the airplanes.

My other FAVORITES are Longchamp bags. I became obsessed when I first started traveling through Europe and saw them at the airports. After buying one I think I’ve now had close to 10. They are perfection for travel. The reasons why I love them so much is that they can fold into a tiny little square and you can put them in your suitcase or purse to use later if needed. They also hold a lot of stuff and are super light to begin with. You can machine wash them – make sure to do it inside out and air dry them upside down with their handles. I’m telling you you will fall in love with them. Personally, I think everyone should have one – whether it’s for a weekend getaway, long trip or even for work. A must!


All Carry-On//

I hope some of this has helped! I tweak this depending on the length of my trip and type of trip but this is the staple. If you use the list above you will be a pro carry-on packer and roll through the airport with some pep in your step!

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