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Bring Thailand to you

Bring Thailand To You!

            Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that is very popular amongst tourists. Most people love Thailand due to its beautiful beaches, stunning culture, and rich history. While enjoying a Thailand themed staycation isn’t quite the same as visiting Chiang Mai, Phuket, or Bangkok, it can still be a fun experience for you and your significant other, or family to share. Whether you are dressing the part, eating Thai food, or decorating your house, there is always a way to bring Thailand to you. Keep on reading to find out how to bring Thailand to your own home!

What To Wear

            Thailand is HOT! And not just normal hot, it is humid beyond anything you have ever experienced before. Hot and humid in the United States means tiny dresses or shorts and tank tops. However, one of the things that makes dressing in Thailand difficult is the cultural and religious values the country follows. While exploring Thailand, there are a few dos and don’ts of dressing. Fortunately, there is a way to stay cool while still respecting Thai culture.

            It is absolutely ok to wear shorts and short sleeve tops. Just make sure the shorts are not too short (think 5 inch inseam or longer), and not too tight. In addition, short sleeve tops are ok, just make sure they cover your shoulders, are not spaghetti straps, and have a relatively high neck line. In addition to being respectful, it is important to wear loose fitting clothing that is breathable because it will help to keep you cool. You can stay fashionable while still remaining respectful.

            If you are visiting temples in Thailand, the dress code is a little more strict. For these days, you would wear long flowy pants and a top that covers your shoulders. This could even be a tank top with a shawl. Flat shoes are absolutely necessary for your time in Thailand. While heels make any outfit look a little cuter, they are not practical on the uneven roads of Thailand. Below are a few outfit ideas to make you feel like you are in Thailand.


What To Drink

            There are a wide variety of Thai drinks, primarily revolving around teas. While the most famous Thai drink is Thai tea, there are plenty of drinks to make you feel like you have just been transported to Thailand. These can typically be bought at a Thai restaurant or even at the grocery store.

Thai Tea: Thai tea can be served hot or cold. If you were planning on visiting Thailand in the Summer, you most likely want the iced version to help with the heat. The drink is made from tea (specifically Ceylon tea), milk, and sugar. Various spices may be added in, such as orange blossom water, star anise, and tamarind seed. If you want to make Thai tea on your own, try out this recipe.

Oliang: Oliang is a Thai version of iced coffee. While it is similar to an Americano, there are some notable differences. It is a black iced coffee that is mixed with brown sugar and various seeds and grains such as cardamom, corn, rice, soybeans, and sesame seeds. This gives the drink a unique and distinct flavor.


Nom Yen: Nom yen is a fun drink loved amongst kids who do not consume coffee. While it is primarily just hot milk, the sala syrup adds a pop of color that makes it a fan favorite amongst Thai children. It is also a great way to encourage your kids to drink milk.

Thai Beer: Alcohol is available in Thailand, although not everyone consumes alcohol. Singha and Chang are two Thai beer brands that have garnered international recognition. They can be found at many Thai restaurants and local convenience stores.

Thai Whiskey: Mekhong and Sangsom are two famous Thai whiskey brands. While they are closer to rum in their makeup, they are still considered whiskey. The high levels of sugarcane and molasses make the whiskey sweet and easy to drink.


What To Eat

            Thai food consists of lots of noodles, veggies, and spices. It can also be very, very, very spicy. So, if you are someone that does not tolerate spice well, be sure to ask about the spice level before ordering. Fortunately, Thai food has made it’s way to America and is readily available for those looking bring a little piece of Thailand to their home. In addition, many grocery stores carry the raw ingredients necessary to make Thai food from scratch. This can be a fun activity to do with your parter or your children.

Tom Kha Gai: Tom Kha Gai is perfect for those people who do not have high levels of spice tolerance. While the dish is not particularly spicy, it still offers all the good flavors Thai spices bring. Coconut milk is used to create a rich creamy soup which surrounds the chicken.


Som Tam: Som Tam is a spicy green papaya salad and is perfect for people on a diet. Many Thai dishes include noodles or rice. Som Tam is a great way to get traditional Thai flavors without all the carbs.


Pad Kee Mao (Drunken Noodles): While Pad Thai is arguably the most famous dish to make it from Thailand to America, people often resort to it as a fan favorite. However, a great alternative to Pad Thai is Pad Kee Mao, aka Drunken Noodles. Pad Kee Mao has more flavor than Pad Thai and is made with wide rice noodles and any type of meat. Thai basil and peppers help to give the dish its unique flavors. Surprisingly the dish does not take too long to make on your own and is relatively simple.


Khao Pad: Khao pad is fried rice which is a staple in Thailand. Rice, egg, onion, slices of cucumbers, and various proteins make this dish what it is. While simple, the dish remains one of Thailand’s favorites.


Khanom Tom: Khanom Tom is a famous Thai dessert. It is made by taking boiled rice flour dumplings and coated with shredded coconut. The dumpling is stuffed with coconut, palm sugar and coconut milk. Thai desserts do not use artificial sugar. They take naturally sweet food that can be found in nature and combine them into the perfect desserts.


Tie It Together

            One of the most fun parts about visiting Thailand is all the colors. Colorful lanterns, wood carvings, gold accents, and beautiful florals will set the theme of a Thai staycation. Etsy is the perfect place to find beautiful and authentic Thai decorations to make the Thai staycation feel more genuine. For the perfect “Bring Thailand To You” experience, wear a conservative yet stylish outfit, get the whole family together to cook a meal, order in some Thai tea, and enjoy the beautiful decorations you ordered. While it may not be the Thai vacation you were envisioning, and while you may not get to see the famous temples you were envisioning, a Thai themed staycation is just what you and the family need to get you out of the monotony of day to day life in quarantine.

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