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Best Luggage for Roadtrips

Best Luggage For A Road Trip

            Good luggage is a great way to make a phenomenal road trip even better. Most people do not give much thought to their luggage. Rather, it is seen as a way to transport all their necessities during their travels. However, luggage can make a big difference in how smoothly a vacation runs. The right luggage will fit all your belongings in an organized manner, will be easy to travel with, and will add style to your fashion choices. Read on for a list of some of the best luggage options for a road trip.

Foldable Duffles


Longchamp Le Pliage Expandable Duffle Nylon Weekender: This Longchamp nylon duffle is ideal for travel. It comes in a variety of different colors if you are looking to make it part of your travel outfit. In addition, it has a zip closure to keep all the contents secure, the foldable design makes it easy to store if you are planning on switching out bags, and nylon material makes it light weight and easy to carry. This bag is perfect to store all your belongings whether its sunglasses, a wallet, and a water bottle, or snacks and toys for your kids.

Herschel Supply Co. Duffle Bag: This classic duffle is perfect for an overnight bag. With two handles to make carrying easy, and an exterior zip shoe compartment to ensure your clothes and the interior stay clean, this duffle bag is perfect for any traveler. This bag comes with a removable shoulder strap for your convenience, and comes in navy or black which is guaranteed to match with any outfit.

West Elm Vegan Leather Duffle: This duffle is effortlessly chic and makes traveling for the weekend a breeze. The material is durable and easy to maintain, and it is perfect for every trendy travel girl.


Accessory Bags


Cuyana Small Tote Organization Insert: This small tote is the perfect insert for any large tote bag. It has enough room for a small laptop, sunglasses, a water bottle, and a lipstick. This small organizational insert is the perfect way to stay organized on any road trip.

Cuyana Tote Organization Insert: This tote organization insert is slightly larger. It is big enough to fit a 15 inch laptop and any other necessities you may need on the go. The material is durable, which makes it the perfect accessory when you are on the go.

Beis Cosmetic Case: This is the perfect cosmetics case for when you are on the go. With multiple brush holders, and enough pockets to separate lipsticks from foundations from eyeshadows, the Beis cosmetic case is one you’ll never be able to leave home without.

Mark and Graham Dual Travel Organizer: This toiletries holder is perfect for everything you need on a road trip. From toothpaste and a toothbrush to hair oil and lotion, this small accessory bag can fit in your purse, or in your duffle without taking up too much room.


Tumi Luggage


            Tumi is a luggage staple in any well seasoned traveler’s arsenal. Named for the Peruvian ceremonial knife used for sacrifices, Tumi luggage exudes travel in everything from its quality materials down to its name. Tumi is a luxury luggage company and worth every penny. Below are a few favorites for any road trip.

Madina Cosmetic: The Tumi Madina Cosmetic Bag is the holy grail of cosmetic bags. With enough pockets and compartments for even the biggest makeup lovers full collection, this bag is every girl’s dream. Made from lightweight nylon, the detachable inner pouch makes it easy to lie flat or hang while open so you can easily see everything you have packed. The dark outside and light interior make this bag aesthetically appealing to all.

Tumi Compact 4 Wheeled Duffel: This wheeling duffel is perfect for any weekend getaway. With plenty of interior space and exterior pockets, once you own it, it’ll be impossible to leave home without it. The durable nylon makes this wheeled duffel perfect for lugging around from place to place.

Tumi Garmet Cover: This Tumi garmet cover is simple and sophisticated. A sleek design allows this garment cover to make traveling with a suit or gown simple. Don’t rule out fancy nights on your road trip just because you are scared of a few wrinkles. Pack your best clothes in this sturdy nylon garmet cover for any road trip.

Tumi Continental Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On: This Tumi carry-on is the perfect size for those who like to pack a little extra on their road trips. The hard side, lightweight  material makes this piece of luggage easy to maneuver and travel with, while remaining durable and chic.


Louis Vuitton Luggage


            Louis Vuitton luggage should be a staple in any woman’s closet. It is the holy grail of luxury travel products for those who want a stylish touch. Whether it’s the duffle or a rolling suitcase, you cannot go wrong with Louis Vuitton’s chic and trendy line of luggage options. Coated canvas material makes the luggage sturdy and easy to clean, which is necessary in any travel bag. Keep on reading or a few Louis Vuitton luggages to keep in your arsenal.


Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere 45: This is a perfect first piece of Louis Vuitton luggage. Just the right size to fit a few outfits for a weekend trip without getting too heavy, the Keepall should be a staple in every woman’s closet. The coated canvas makes the bag durable and easy to clean.

Louis Vuitton 3 Watch Case: If you are a watch lover, this case is the perfect travel accessory to keep your watches scratch free and compact during your travels. Coated canvas means it will not scratch while packed away.

Louis Vuitton Horizon 55: This is the perfect carry-on bag that is an ideal size for any road trip. Large enough to fit everything you need, yet small enough to make fitting it in a car easy and simple. This piece of luggage comes in a variety of patterns including the classic monogram, damier, and leather.

Louis Vuitton Cotteville 50: If old school is your style, this piece is the perfect fit for you. While it does not have wheels, which makes it more difficult to travel with, the unique and classic style makes it all worth it.


Away Luggage


            Away Luggage is a new brand of luggage intended to be high quality at a good price point. The company offers a 100 day trial in which customers can live and travel with their suitcase. If they don’t love it, they can return it for a full refund. There is really no reason not to try out an Away suitcase. Most people who do fall in love with the brand.

The Carry-On: The carry-on is simple, sleek, and chic. It is the perfect size for anyone going on a road trip. The hard side luggage is sturdy and can be thrown around without damage. 4 wheels allow for 360 degrees spin, which makes traveling with this piece of luggage a breeze.

The Bigger Carry-On: For those women who like to pack a few extra shoe options, the bigger carry-on is your best friend. While still small enough to fit in the back of any car, and remain easy to maneuver, it offers slightly more room for a couple extra pairs of shoes or a few different outfits.

The Everywhere Bag: The everywhere bag is made of water resistant nylon which makes it perfect for any time of year. The bag has compartments to fit a 15 inch laptop, an umbrella, and an interior big enough to fit an extra outfit, this is the perfect addition to any road trip.

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