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A M A N G I R I – an oasis in the desert

Amangiri is one of those places that takes your breath away from the moment you arrive. And when you arrive, I mean when you get to the outside gates and there’s still a 3-minute drive to the actual hotel. The drive in is surrounded with natural rock sculptures in magnificent red and grey tones and several different kinds of cactus and plants. The surroundings instantly put you in a place of Zen and gratefulness.

After arriving on property you’re greeted by the pleasant staff and asked if you’d like a tour of the property. The hotel itself sits on 600 acres of private reserve. There are 34 modern large suites that all have a firepit on the private patio that overlooks the desert. Guests are not allowed to go out on the desert in front of the rooms, so each room has complete privacy which I love. You can also open the sliding doors all the way, so it gives the room a nice indoor/outdoor feel. The bathrooms all also come with a large soaking tub with a window that overlooks the desert as well. They have beautiful candles and sea salts to compliment your incredible soaking experience.

Speaking of soaking the spa is a must here. They have a sauna, steam room, natural wood burning fires, a heated pool, hot tub and more. One of the things I love most about it how much they incorporate the Native American culture. Before you go in each room, they sage you to start your treatment with getting rid of negative energy and vibes and welcoming in new energy, healing and peacefulness. I have gotten an Oxygen Facial and a Massage and loved both. Since it’s so dry in the desert the Oxygen Facial was wonderful because it’s super hydrating and plumps the skin…who doesn’t want that?!  There are also several other experiences you can do like the Desert Sky Experience. This is a hike, yoga, sauna or steam, 60-minute massage and sound bath in 4 hours! It just makes me feel relaxed talking about it.  I did also do a private sound bath experience to start off my trip when I arrived which I absolutely loved. They have it in a private yoga studio with a very comfy mattress, pillow and blankets if you’d like. The lights are dimmed, and the instructor was very talented at the instruments. I’m ending my trip tomorrow with a private yoga session to end my stay with gratitude, mindfulness and being one with the universe.

Other great activities you can do at the property include going on one of the many many hikes they have right out front. They really have something for everyone!

We also did a guided hike outside of the hotel property which I loved. It was called 1000 pockets and I definitely recommend it for someone that is an intermediate hiker or better. There is a little bit of climbing and heights involved so just make sure you’re ready for it, but I promise it’s worth it.

For dining there’s one restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s kind of nice because it’s in such a cozy location and well designed with floor to ceiling windows on both sides. One side is a view of their famous pool and the other looks out to the mason.

The heated pool is an art piece in itself. It’s built around a sandstone rock which at certain times of the year the sun rises and sets over. There’s also a hot tub that’s build on the side of the rock that’s great to use in the colder months.

Depending on the type of trip you want you should look at the weather. Spring and Fall are of course the best times to go but that also means it’s the most expensive. Summer is very hot; in August the average temp is 105 degrees Fahrenheit so bring lots of sunscreen and hats!!! In the winter it’s pretty chilly with below freezing temperatures and on some occasions, you can see some snow like I did this Thanksgiving weekend!

Overall it’s one of the best places I’ve ever been to in the world. SS Gold is a preferred partner with Aman Hotels worldwide and we’d love to help plan your next special getaway here! Contact us here to get started!



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